About ABG

Albakri & Banaja Group is a merger of three entities; these are Real Estate Development, Architectural Engineering, and Real Estate Marketing. The combination of the three has been a boost to the architectural perspective. We are situated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We are dedicated to providing the best architectural services to the Saudi market and beyond. The aim is to create a link that connects sellers, owners, and buyers as well as investors. Comprehensively positioning the brand for a new future is our goal. Timeless aesthetics is what we look forward to. Our quality is our pride.

What We Do

We offer top-notch services that have provided services extensively nationwide. Working with a full range of architectural scales, we provide a vast amount of services. The main pillars of our offerings are concentrated in the areas of:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Real Estate Marketing

At ABG we cater to expansion, renovation, and design from scratch. Advocated by the experience of our professionals, we can entertain almost any requirement, explicitly for projects that are large, complicated and which require the specialized expertise that we certainly possess. Our services are well-proven and we are flexible.

Based budget and expectations we can give you relative feedback whilst we are open, flexible, realistic and honest during the process. This will ensure the project runs smoothly. Our team possesses the skills to oversee your project from beginning to end. They are able to understand construction and materials and then come up with a dimension to those elements. They can blend the exterior of properties into its surroundings.

Our Mission

To be valued by our customers for providing the most innovative and valuable real estate services to better their lives and businesses.

Our Vision

To become the industry leader by providing the highest level of proficiency through bringing the best out of buildings.

Our Goals

  • To be innovative creative and ahead of the curve.
  • To develop principles, tools and technology to enhance our competitiveness.
  • To add value and make a difference.

Our Passion

Our passion is to satisfy our clients’ needs through beautiful architectural structures tailored to their needs. There has been a great deal of customer satisfaction that we have witnessed that has resulted in the growth of our passion.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our pure passion. We thrive on creative thinking and have earned our expertise from it. Personal interaction influences highly customized designs.

We are fond of communicating the depth of approachability with our clients. Working around client relationships, we aim to exceed expectations using the most carefully thought-out strategies.

Our Commitment

Having been in the industry for a long time, we have been able to show our commitment through notable architectural structures. Our staff is dedicated and are committed to our course. We enjoy creating tailor-made relationships with our clients. We like to add personal touches from the first meeting.