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Architectural Engineering

We strive with our practice and the local know how to international levels whilst applying the regulations of Saudi Arabia municipality for the benefit of the client.

Being in the Middle East, ABG Architectural Engineering tend to challenge itself by tackling the conservative culture through introducing modern solutions whilst preserving the rich heritage therefore reaching a compromise between the universal architecture and the cultural identity. It is our purpose to serve the buildings’ functional requirements and satisfying the clients’ demands. Converting the visual expectations of clients to real designs is why ABG Architectural Engineering continuously works to achieve.

Having combined real estate marketing and development, we have been able to set the bar as a world-class architectural firm. Our architects’ brilliant work reflects commitment and creativity through constraints and have been excelling in providing the following services.

Architecture Consultancy

The architectural process has been subdivided into phases that compromises of numerous tasks that are distributed among various stages, which are tasks like; site detection, client’s financial budget and examining the project to give options for architectural design.

Design phase is made up of the following four stages:
  • Stage 1: Concept Design
  • Stage 2: Schematic Design (SD)
  • Stage 3: Detailed Design (DD)
  • Stage 4: Construction Documents (CD)

Interior Design

The ABG representative team has helped clients work through questionnaires that can specify and vivificate the client’s views. During this process the client is shown samples of examples and sketches of the vital spaces to choose a theme with proposed materials. Our work in interior design consists of the following services:
  • Concept design
  • Space planning
  • Graphic design for signage, decals, etc.
  • Selection of furniture and finishes
  • Floor pattern design
  • Ceiling design
  • Lighting design
  • Custom furniture design and joinery design
  • 3D rendered perspectives & 2D elevations
  • Cost estimation
  • Implementation and fit out


Our Surveying Team analyzes land through gathering information while making observations, taking measurements and collecting data to support planning, as well as designing and establishing of boundaries of properties.

Surveying also defines the legal boundaries of ownership of land. Our teams of professionals use techniques to determine the three-dimensional position of points and the distances between them. Working with the elements of engineering, they use equipment like 3D scanners and surveying software.

Project Management

Project Management supports architecture, just as foundations support buildings. The scope of your project is seen to according to building codes, plans, specs, budget and that it is completed on time. We direct and coordinate human and material resources throughout the duration of a project.

Modern techniques are used to achieve objective of time, quality and scope to name a few, be it residential or commercial projects. From project to project, good communication skills, problem solving skills and knowledge of the building process are used.


This is an essential part of creating a solid relationship between the exterior and interior spaces of the site. In our design we tend to provide environmental solutions to a site for a fulfilling design value of the project.

Our work in landscaping consists of the following services:
  • Site Analysis
  • Schematic Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Design Development
  • Planting Plans
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Irrigation Plans

Urban Design

Through urban design we tend to shape the physical setting of a community and promote a relationship between the building, infrastructure and the built environment. Hence, contributing to a physical form, function and quality of the region that they pass and serve.

Our work in urban design consists of the following services:
  • Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment applications
  • Site Plan applications
  • Scheme Assessment Report
  • Preliminary Design
  • Design Development

Design-Build Contracting

At this point we usually work with land owners through a single contract to offer both our design and construction services. This helps drive unified work from commencement to the completion of the project. Some of the advantages gained from the design-build contracting are well defined through the following points:

Some of the advantages gained from the design-build contracting are well defined through the following points:
  • Roles of designer and contractor
  • Flow of work from initial concept through completion
  • Single contract between the owner and the design-build team
  • Faster processing
  • Cost efficiency
  • Optimized project quality


Our services include ensuring good communication between the clients and contractors and also identifying, collecting and passing on pre-construction details.

Our supervision work consists of the following options:

  • Partial or full professional supervision service
  • Main and sub-contractors, contracts preparation and following up
  • Submittal procedure

Our Unique Process

At ABG we have a dedicated engineering team that has been a backbone to our high soaring structures. They have been working tirelessly to give our clients the best designs of the structures they require. We have a world-class architectural engineering team that has been able to win us a high-in-number customer base using the following simplified process:



Discussion, price estimates, evaluation, requirements.


Translate your needs into a functional structure that also suits the site. We make sure the project has beauty and economy.


Mechanical, electrical, water and piping, equipment and structural systems are all taken into consideration.