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Real Estate Development

Our Real Estate Development is an addition that has seen that amazing structures are developed around Saudi Arabia. We at ABG incorporated Real Estate Development to facilitate amazing architectural structures.

We are a nationwide firm that has been able to influence the entire Saudi market.

We have been able to erect amazing residential and commercial structures. Specializing in both, we have been able to increase our customer base by far through providing our clients with reliable recommendations. Here is a description about what we offer as cutting edge development firm:


With the most sleek and modern designs in mind, we pay lots of attention to the evaluation, initial planning, requirements, analysis and design, and implementation when it comes to putting up personal properties.

For instance, these residential properties that we oversee from beginning to end could be stunning family homes, with ultra-modern interiors and exteriors blending in well with the surrounding environment.


From hotels to offices, we offer services in and deal with developing them and designing them from scratch.

Office space or shop space are both very carefully thought out when it comes to space utilization, whilst keeping the layout very practical. Dynamic knowledge of industry standards coupled with passion keeps us ahead.


In dealing with land, boundaries are established as well as any other factors that will help or hinder the sale are considered.

We are able to advertise to appropriate buyers, promoting that the land is ideal for a home/homes or for commercial development. It is important that we point out the uses of the land hence making it more valuable. This is done in conjunction with our surveying service.

Our Unique Process

Development has been the engine that stimulates growth in the industry. Whether for commercial or residential purposes, we cover everything from retail to offices and family homes. We convert work from paper to real property. The process we use is simplified as follows:

1) Proposed Development
2) Planning & Research
3) Analysis & Design
4) Implementation