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Hotel Interior Design – Albakri and Banaja Group

Hotel Interior Design – Interior design: the process of setting up the interior planning of any building in order to make the ultimate good use of the internal space of the building, determining how the internal design of a house, hospital, school, hotel, company, and/or office should be.

The steps of the interior design process are almost the same among all types of buildings, with slight differences in the details related to the functions of each space depending on the nature of the building. The functions of the rooms inside a house are different from the functions of rooms in a company or a hotel, which consequently means that a company interior design will definitely be different from hotel interior design.

Hotels are one of the most important properties that have many details inside, as it is different from any other property because hotels might be introducing services and hosting people from all over the world. That is why a hotel interior design is somehow complicated compared to others.

Before getting a brief glimpse about the steps of a hotel interior design, you need to know how to pick the suitable interior design firm for your project. Selecting the appropriate interior design firm is very important for you as a client, as the more, you trust the firm implementing the interior design for your property, the more your belief that you will get the best interior design for your property is. The reliability and quality of work introduced from the interior design firms are the two key factors in selecting the right interior design firm.

Steps of hotel interior design:

  • Perfect study for the brief introduction by the client.
  • Setting or identifying the main client’s requirements.
  • Brainstorming for ideas.
  • Creation of the main concept of the design.
  • Getting the client’s feedback prior implementation.
  • Implementing the design.
  • Design evaluation.

Albakri and Banaja Group is one of the most prestigious companies in the field of interior design, especially hotel interior designs. Albakri and Banaja have a team of very skillful interior designers who are always ready to introduce the best for their clients. Also, the experienced research and development department inside the company is always working on providing the latest techniques, technologies, and applications in the field of interior design, and this always gives a great advantage to Albakri and Banaja inside the market, due to its reliability as well as the high quality of work introduced.

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