Information About Architectural Engineering

Types of Architecture Design

Types of Architecture Design

Architectural engineering is the field responsible for the application of engineering principles that consist of designing, planning, and the construction of buildings. This article will provide extensive information about architectural engineering, such as the specialties of the field, job opportunities, the average salaries of architectural engineers, and the names of some of the pioneers in the architectural engineering field.

Specialties of Architectural Engineering

Under the umbrella of architectural engineering, there are three main specialties that are known very well to those interested in the subject. These specialties are: structural engineering, MEP engineering, and construction engineering. We will go more into detail about each specialty separately.

First off, structural engineers are the engineers in charge of maintaining and ensuring the adequate strength and stability of buildings by determining how much weight the building must support, as well as testing any other forces the building should resist.

MEP engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineers) are the engineers responsible for the process of planning, designing, as well as implementing the HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems). Furthermore, MEP engineers are concerned with the fire, plumbing, electrical, and lighting systems of a building.

Construction engineers are the engineers responsible for starting the construction process, taking into account all the parameters and designs submitted by the structural and MEP engineers. Construction engineers are responsible for the organization and safety of the entire process, in order to ensure that the building is built properly.

All the aforementioned engineers of the three different specialties work in collaboration with one another in order to execute a project successfully and efficiently.

Architectural Engineering Job Opportunities

An architectural engineer can work in designing and construction firms and companies, and those who are interested in sales can also work as marketing engineers. However, some engineers specialize specifically in architectural design, while others can work on construction sites. However, generally, those who work on construction sites are rare.

The Average Salaries of Architectural Engineers

According to the latest American Reports, the annual average salary of architectural engineers is an average of $64,000 USD.

Pioneers in Architectural Engineering

There are many engineers that are considered to be remarkable pioneers in the field of architectural engineering, such as Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Reem Koolhaas, and Steven Holl. Because of their unique designs and concepts, their names are always remembered and honored, making them a legacy in the industry.

Architectural engineering is a developing and progressive engineering field, which ultimately means that it is very important for any architectural engineer to always be keen on learning the latest technologies, techniques, applications, and principles developing in this field. The more the desire of an engineer to learn, the more successful they will be.

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