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Real Estate Marketing

We have recently added a sub-brand to our group under the name “Maalek”. Previously, Maalek has been making a strong presence in Saudi Arabia and has a cutting-edge website; we help hundreds of people make smart real estate decisions every day.

At Maalek, we believe in a service offering where the client is able to leverage our experience, our expertise and our domain to help make smarter real estate decisions.

We deal with every aspect of real estate marketing, including residential sales, renting, and offer by far the best range of properties to view in the country. And it doesn’t stop there. As a premier estate agency on the internet, and one of the fastest growing real estate networks in the Saudi market, we offer:

A Strong Brand

We have worked hard to assemble and develop a team of expert realtors with excellent work ethics. Our people are always quick to respond and happy to help, and are “trained” to give the best possible service every time – it’s one of the reasons why our clients love us.

Winning Team

We have acquired a reputation for trustworthiness, personal service and innovative solutions and we are very proud of the fact that a large part of our business comes from clients for whom we have previously worked – our brand’s credibility and strength speak volumes about our ongoing success in the chosen market sector.

Leading Edge Technology

We have combined technology with our knowledge of the local industry to give our clients the most innovative real estate solutions available in Saudi Arabia. From an avant-garde website, to RSS feeds, mobile Internet, e-mail and SMS alerts we have the technical expertise to deliver the right mix of property solutions to clients, anywhere, anytime.

Professional Credentials

Established in 2014, we have grown into an ever-expanding team of professionals, with expertise in every aspect of real estate transactions. We maintain strong ties with some of the industry’s leading bodies, and are well placed to offer 360 degree solutions to meet all client real estate needs and demands.