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Project Description

Beach House Merdad

  • ابحث عن مهندس معماري

Year: 2014

Client: Mr. Adnan Merdad

Location: Obhur, KSA

Category: Residential

Site Area:1075 M²

Built Area: 405 M²

Scope Of Work: Architectural Design – Execution Drawings

The villa is located in Obhur therefore, natural lighting and spaces overlooking the sandy beaches was an essential consideration for the design of the villa. The beach house floor plans were designed with the main floor raised off the ground over the swimming pool. The porches surrounding the villa is an integral feature of the design enabling outdoor accessibility. At the ground level, the landscape is designed to provide transition from the outdoor spaces to the indoor spaces.The overall building is defined by the lean building designs and the horizontal louvers interpose the white colored concrete walls creating balance between privacy and porosity.