Types of Architecture Design

Types of Architecture Design – Architectural engineering, the field responsible for designing and constructing buildings is the arguably the most important engineering field. For an ordinary client, the most important thing about a building is how it looks from the outside, its aesthetic value. Is the building attractive, homogenous, eye-catching, and elegant?

This article will highlight the 5 most famous types of architectural design.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod - Types of Architecture Design

Cape Cod – Types of Architecture Design

Cape Cod Designs are commonly used for homes. This type of architectural design was introduced in the 16th century, inspired by British thatched cottages. Modern Cape Cod designs have some different features, such as steeper roofs, and larger chimneys. Most of today’s remaining cape cod style buildings were built after the Second World War.



Art Deco

Art Deco - Types of Architecture Design

Art Deco – Types of Architecture Design

Art deco designs are inspired by more than one architectural school: Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, and the tropical pastels of Miami Beach. The structures of art deco buildings have flat roofs, smooth walls with rounded corners, and bold exterior decorations. This style is commonly used for designing offices more than for designing private homes.



Contemporary - Types of Architecture Design

Contemporary – Types of Architecture Design

Contrary to popular belief, modern architectural designs and contemporary architectural designs are not the same. The only similarity between the two is the fact that they both look to connect the outside world with the indoors. Contemporary designs essentially refer to today’s building styles, which can widely vary in both design and appearance. Contemporary designs tend to focus on energy efficiency, use of recycled, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, as well as focusing on the use of natural light instead of synthetic light.


Modern - Types of Architecture Design

Modern – Types of Architecture Design

Modern architectural designs refer to a large group of similar buildings that were built in many countries between the ‘20s and the ‘50s of the 19th century. The main features of modern designs are open living spaces and clear-cut geometric designs.





Colonial - Types of Architecture Design

Colonial – Types of Architecture Design

Colonial architectural designs originated in the 15th century. Known for symmetry, evenly proportioned columns, chimneys, dormers and geometric windows, colonial designs contribute to a formal style of design.




These 5 types of architectural designs are not the only styles but are the most widely used and important ones. There are many other styles in the world of architecture, as well as combinations of two or three different styles to create a hybrid style. To a client, as mentioned previously, the aesthetic value of a building could be the most important factor, so it is up to the architectural engineer to clarify to the client that there are many other elements that go into the creation of a building that is worthy of their time and attention, such as the HVAC systems and the strength and structure of the foundation and materials.

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